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EMPA Testmaterials Ldt:Development / Production and Sales of Testmaterials Which washing product, washing process, or washing raw material shows the best washing results, the lowest colour transmission and the least textil damage? What are the general characteristics of textiles or leather?In order to answer these questions and more EMPA Testmaterials Ltd can offer the corresponding monitors.The testmaterials are produced by us, and as a result we can offer consistent quality. In our process laboratory new monitors and those specified by our customers can be developed.Our current range consists of:Test fabrics for the assessment of washing products / raw materials and washing processes: * Standardised, artificially soiled test fabrics * Combined washing stripes (according to EN/IEC 60456) * Standardised dyes to assess colour transfer (EU labelling) * Soilings to the customers wish on EMPA or customers own material * Soilings on carpet * Un-soiled test fabrics * Test fabrics for washing cycle controls (according to ISO 2267) * Test fabrics for the assessment of mechanical susceptibility Reference washing products: * ECE colour fastness washing agent * IEC reference washing agent * Further diverse washing agent references Test fabrics to determine colour fastnessTest fabrics for the testing of leather according to VESLIC / IUFDiverse reference materials: * Measuring standards for the assessment of colour fastness and light sensitivity (ISO 105) * Plastic norm paper (APCO II) * Photo copies for the assessment of pilling (according to SN EN ISO 12945-2)