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Appearance BYK-Gardners gloss meters, haze meters, orange peel and DOI meters can measure appearance attributes on coated or painted substrates, as well as products produced in a plastic process. Whether you want measure gloss, haze, transparency, transmittance, orange peel and DOI, BYK-Gardner is your solution.ColorOur color spectrophotometers help you to achieve the right color in just about any paint, coating or plastics color application. Whether you need to control the color of injected molded interior automotive parts, metallic automotive body panels, or laptop housings, BYK-Gardner has the color instrument for your application.Physical PropertiesMeet your testing needs from A-V. Abrasion, paint application, density, dispersion, drying time, film thickness, hardness, impact and flexibility resistance, viscosity and just about any other paint, coating, or plastic physical property can be measured with the BYK-Gardner instrument.